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All Living Things – Manoj Gautam and Jane Goodall in Nepal (film Kickstarter page)

Asia for Animals Conference

We Are in the Field: documentary film by Gabriel Diamond

Keynote, First International Conference on Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare (video)

Manu Mitra Community Dog Management

Animal Welfare Network of Nepal (successful legislation)

Working To Learn– Opinion, New York Times by Peter Dalglish

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Vulture Awareness – Literal & Figurative

Vulture Awareness – Literal & Figurative

In 2005, Manoj and his team collaborated with locals to set up Nepal’s first poison-free “Vulture Restaurant” in Basa-Basahi, Nawalparasi. Basa and surrounding villagers created a template for sustainable, community-led vulture conservation – but predictably, the initiative was co-opted and diluted by PR-hungry NGOs and domestic political interests.

Protest to Progress

Protest to Progress

In the twelve years since we first started questioning the open acceptance of cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of religion, we have heard the drumbeats of protest and change. We have seen the same religion, same faith expressed in different practices, some...

UPDATE: Gadhimai Animal Sacrifice

UPDATE: Gadhimai Animal Sacrifice

We are excited to announce that our Gadhimai Festival campaign, which has focused for several years on the rapid reduction and phasing out of archaic animal sacrifice practices in Nepal, has entered the final stage. We are heartened by this week's overwhelming...

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