COMMON EARTH, Season 4 , Episode 1
Livestreaming 3/28/2023, 10 AM US Eastern Time
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Can habitats & environments be returned to their wild, natural state while taking into consideration the requirements of human communities?

Join us for this interview with Manoj Gautam, community-based conservation activist, former executive director of the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal, and 2014 recipient of the Future for Nature prize.

This year, Manoj was named to the Explorers Club 50. Each year, The Explorers Club 50 recognizes fifty extraordinary individuals changing the world. Naming these global exploration leaders to the EC50 shines a bright light on their extraordinary work, amplifies their voices, and redefines that field of exploration as we know it.

After stepping down from JGINepal, Manoj has launched these projects: (going live this week)

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